Irrigation – the Groundwork for a Beautiful Landscape

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Well we live in a arid zone, even though we get a fair amount of rain and snow it is still very important to have a good irrigation system.

I have always said its the ground work to a beautiful landscape. Using better than average equipment and parts are were we start, after all it is the backbone to the landscape.

You need auto timers to be reliable and a battery back up in case of power outages. We prefer the irritrol timer “Rain dial” expandable to 12 zones or valves. It has proven its self over the years. We also use the Irritrol valves – again proven reliability and ease of repair when needed.

The drip system we go to the extreme. I studied the emitters and what our hard water did to them over time. The emitter that I found to be the best was the bowsmith emitter, they come in one and two gallon size. I cut one open and its a series of rubber diaphragms that have tiny holes that allow the water to be regulated, as well if the hard water calcium deposits form the water pressure pushes the deposit through the tiny holes keeping it flowing. Therefore you can feel more at ease that the irrigation is going to get to the target plant or tree.

I separate the trees from the plants to be on their own zones, as well pots or flower beds are on their own zone.

Having the flexibility in the irrigation system depends on having these zones to do this. The piping is color coded to go in at a later date and have no problem in tapping into the correct zone for the plant, tree or flower pot. On the trees I put several 3-5 depending on the size of the installed tree two gallon emitters and set the timer to water for 1-2 or more hours. This allows the water to wick into the root zone of the tree.

Lawns I use the MP rotator heads, they are so versatile and easy to adjust to the lawn configuration. See the video below for more information: