Landscape Design in Prescott AZ

landscape design in prescott az
Here is where the fun starts…….

I always listen to you to start, find out if you have Ideas or thoughts

even if you say you don’t I pick up on things that we can use in the design.

Are you going to entertain, do you have Children, Dogs ect…

Do you like to garden?

We can do lots even in a little area and we can do loads with a big area.

I look at the drainage, will we have an issue when mother nature dumps on us.

Do we want grass, did you retire the lawnmower never to see grass again.

Is the house facing north or west and do we need shade trees,

evergreen or deciduous trees?

Do you have a view or vista as I like to say, we can build a patio to take it all in.

Do you have a favorite color, a color you dislike.

Is there a plant that you saw in another landscape that caught your eye.

Do you like annual flowers and beauty they bring.

Do you have a flower pot that you don’t know what to do with.

Do you like water features, creek beds.

So many things can go into the design and thats were I like to start.

Its easy to change on paper before ground breaks.

We will together come up with the concepts and put them on paper, then to life.

Call for a a free quote and conceptual design!

Or if you want the computer design with the plant legend

its free with the hire of the build or for a fee scalable to the size its yours