Lowvolt Lighting

Low Voltage Lighting Installation
This is exciting lowvolt lighting and has taken a new step to the green side with the introduction in led. These new led lamps save lots of energy and the need to not change the lamps for years. The lamps are rated for 50,000 hours of lamp life. That would eliminate the need to change these for years. When led lights for the landscape first came out they were very expensive, well not anymore. We can now put them in for the same as the old style lamp on new installs. If you are wondering if an existing set of lights can be upgraded to the led the answer is, yes they can.

With the amount of moisture we have here, the connections of the low volt wire is very important to keep dry. To make sure the corrosion and or a ground fault from taking place. We have a system that ensures that the connections will be sealed tight from the elements, not just wire nuts or a clamp connector.


Landscape LED LightLandscape Low Volt Light